Why Most People Cannot Cut Their Spending

As important as controlling expenditure may sound, why are the majority of persons in our society not doing it? Why then do people run out of money before the next pay day and yet cannot explain even to themselves where the money went? A research we conducted at Heroes & Heroines Capital Ltd revealed four broad and interrelated causes of this ugly situation.

They have never been sold on the benefits.

Yes, they have been told but they have never been sold. They have never been convinced that no price is too high to pay for it, that the benefits far out- weigh the price. They have never been sold on the fact that over a forty-year period, the price of success and in this context financial independence is much lower than the price of failure.

They have never been sold on the fact that controlling expenditure is in their own best interest. All through my life, I have discovered that anything I wish to do and yet do not find strong enough reason or reasons to do it, I would put it off. I would say that I would think about it. And there are certain things I’ve been thinking about for more than ten years until I reach the threshold of pain – that point where the pains of delay have become greater than the discipline of getting it done.

They do not know specific tactics

Besides the right motivation, they need the right skills – skills that have been tested and found working. Motivation – being sold on it will make them hardworking and committed to achieving it. Yet without the right skills, they will be working hard but on the wrong job. When you have decided to cut down a tree, you will need the right motivation to go for it until it is done. You will also need the right instrument – a sharp axe, chain saw, etc, that can help you get results and get it fast.

Our society glorifies spenders and ridicules savers

In our society where the people who make up the crowd are empty-headed, pretentious and self-destructive, big spenders are portrayed as rich, successful, generous and popular. Savers are denigrated as penny-pinching, cheap, tight and miserly. For this reason you see people who have nothing trying to acquire rich -looking toys and flamboyant lifestyles in order to be considered successful. Don’t worry! I’m not envious of you. I know that you are being a king (in your own imagination) for the time being. With all your own problems to think of, how many people do you normally sit down to worship or think about because they are big spenders? What is making you feel that others too do not have their own problems to think of and so spend their time to adore you because you are spending big? You see why I say we are so empty-headed, so pretentious and so self-destructive?

Many people find it difficult to control their spending because our society worships the good life. We cannot let our neighbours, friends or colleagues beat us in the game of acquiring things. They make us feel that if you do not buy what others are buying, you are a failure.

They are not courageous enough to give a damn to what society may think

Most people have gone to school. Most people have read good books about how to be successful. Millions have attended life changing seminars and millions of others have made resolutions – weak or strong. Why are all these people not making it? Why are they not following up? Why the continuous retardation? It is because after knowledge, you need a lot of courage, you need a lot of boldness, you have to have the guts to go for it, you need a lot of tenacity, and you need a lot of action on a day-to-day basis. You need a lot of tough-mindedness to put the temporary pains in its proper perspective. After knowledge, you need a lot of daring and risk taking. You need the courage to go ahead even when you cannot completely remove the possibility of failure. After knowledge, you need a lot of being able to damn what the society is going to say, provided you keep fighting for what you want.



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